Welcome to the SEE Program!

We desire to support parents by providing supplemental educational experiences for their students. We believe that enriching the academic lives of students is the key to furthering their individual potential and paving the way for future success in all educational endeavors. We maintain that quality education need not be costly. Through volunteer staff members, and student interns, we are able to keep SEE enrollment fees at affordable prices.

Give your child the extra help they need to start the school year strong!

Our economy should not dictate the quality of our children's education.
Children who are willing to learn and want to succeed should have an opportunity to do so. SEE Program is that opportunity.
Being behind academically may be your child's reality, but it doesn't have to be their future.
The value of education is immeasurable.
Enroll in the SEE Program today!

 Success is possible.
Encourage your child's academic progress.
Enroll them today!



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